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Al Habib Pharmaceuticals is one of the nation’s fastest growing companies in the pharma industry. Over the past couple of decades, Al Habib has carved out a name for itself in Pakistan for its reliable and quality products. Every day, we re-evaluate what we have accomplished and try to improve on it. We are constantly researching new methods in order to add to our current portfolio. At AHP, we believe in the healing touch.
We provide high quality medication in order to protect the health of our patients. For over the past two decades, we have dedicated our lives to medical research and to further the Pakistani pharmaceutical industry. The company was built to serve and protect the interests of its patients, which we do through the sale, manufacture and distribution of our healthcare products. Since 1990, Al Habib Pharmaceuticals has been working diligently in order to protect the lives of patients. We have grown from strength to strength since then, and are one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan right now.

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